Breast cancer is shit

My mother and I are currently on vacation at her old house. It’s a lovely place, beautiful scenery, beach just a minute away. Yesterday we visited an old family friend. Her daughter had breast cancer. She is 36 years old and had it on one breast. So they took tissue from the other one and put it on the one they operated on. They also had to put her ovaries “to sleep”. Basically they had to make it inactive because breast cancer is Estrogen dependent, and the ovaries produce Estrogen. So now she cannot have kids as well. She is single, a really beautiful, confident, successful woman.  I just feel so sad because everything seems to be going wrong. Both breast are extremely painful. The operated one is sore because it is retaining water, and now the tissue is getting hard.

How does one cope with all of this? She was diagnosed with it in last September and everything happened so soon. In the next 2 weeks she received the operation. She’s undergoing early menopause and she said before she was worse. She had mood swings, she’d get so angry that she’d bang doors.

How does she manage to cope? She always liked the possibiity that she’d have kids someday. But now its a flat no! How dies one make peace with the fact that you can never have children? i have no idea how i’d handle it. Actually, i have a pretty good idea. I’d be angry and very upset

I tried to speak to her but then we had to leave. It was just something that made me aware that anything could happen at any moment.


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