A few things that people think about South Africa

I love my country so much, its a wonderful place that has the best of everything: wonderful scenic route, amazing beaches, plenty of imports and exports. These are just a few things that i need to point out to people that aren’t true:

1. We do NOT  have lions, giraffes and elephants wandering around. South Africa happens to be one of the most developed countries in Africa. We have tall buildings, men that wear suits and coffee that comes in a cup. I hate it when people ask that question, its the the wild.    We have  reserves for that.  africa

2. When you walk out the door, you won’t get robbed. Even though crime is quite strong in our country, wait, its quite high everywhere. I rest my case.

3. Uhm, no, i didn’t meet Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is one of the most famous people in South Africa. He, along with others fought against the Apartheid regime for the liberation of our people. I sound like a character from Game of Thrones. Anyway, whenever i tell someone that from from SA they always ask me if i met Madiba. He happens to be one of the most important people in history, will he just wander in the nearby mall? And would i ever get to see him? People here love him more than Ryan Seacrest. They’ll stomp me before I could even get a view of him.

The great Tata Madiba, looking healthy

The great Tata Madiba, looking healthy


4. If you land here and exchange your money, you WONT be a millionaire. That’s Zimbabwe bro.

5. Just because Richard Hammond drove here and said it was horrible doesn’t mean its true. In one episode Richard Hammond drove past Cape Point in Cape Town, SA and said that it sucked. Cape Point is amazing and mesmerizing. He must’ve been real tired.

6. One thing i CAN agree on is that the vuvuzela is an annoying piece of crap. It’s loud and cheap and like a bee buzzing but LOUDER!!! Not everyone here in SA likes it, i don’t.

The annoying and iconic Vuvuzela.

I felt that the 2010 soccer world cup really made people aware of how beautiful our country is. And if you ever have spare time on your hands, Google SA, see if you like what you see and com and pop on by!!


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