Why s it so addictive?

I recently started watching Lost, the TV series. I know i am somewhat 8 years late but i hadn’t heard of it back then. So I started watching it and I’m so addicted! I’m writing my final exams and my dear friend ‘procrastination’ and “Mr-oh-i-know-that-chapter” knock on my door like, every few seconds. So instead of going through the anatomy of the heart, i watch dear sweet Sawyer and the others go through their days deserted on a very weird island. 

What is it about Lost that draws me in, mind and soul compared to other series? i think its because of the superb acting. They all pull it off really well that one feels connected with the characters.

And for anyone out there who shoots a SPOILER ALERT! It’s cool. i’ve read on the net what happens. Yet i watch it anyway…


Well, off to another episode..

Aaaaarrrrrgggg                                                                Image 


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